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    This method will guide you step by step all along your development as a Krav Maga practitioner, belt after belt, from white belt up to Black Belt 5th Dan, with a technical support that examines thoroughly each training stage, each movement, each technique, that are fully explained in their smallest details.
    Besides the explanation of every point in the technical program, in this method you will find a consistent initiation adapted to your own personal needs:

    – Development of your physical condition
    – Development of your body’s complete flexibility
    – Development of your combatant mentality

    Another interesting benefit of Alain Cohen’s Method is that you will have at your disposal a complete glossary of  Hebrew terms used in Krav Maga and its translation.
    At each belt level we will analyze and discuss:

    – Which is the knowledge attained up to date.
    – Which is the balance of your physical and mental condition.
    – Which are the Goal to achieve in the next stage.

    This method will be of great help for every Krav Maga practitioner, whether they are members of  a training center or not.